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Just in time for the new “term,” Senior Citizens will finally have the book they’ve repeatedly asked for. The Writer Within You came off the press on October 1.




Subtitled, A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing in Your Retirement Years. this first-of-its-kind book is designed specifically for retired Seniors and Baby Boomers. No longer will they have to lament, “I’ve got this fabulous book I want to write, but I don’t know how.”


“Fret no longer,”  Leonard Goldman, one of the leading book reviewers in the U.S. and Canada, counsels them, “Award-winning journalist Charles Jacobs has come to your rescue with The Writer Within You, a first-rate book.” The book answers Seniors’ repeated requests for a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview that makes the complexities of the writing and publishing industry manageable.


Leading gurus of the publishing industry have already praised The Writer Within You highly. Dan Poynter, internationally recognized author, coach and lecturer, and Patricia Fry, author of more than 25 books and President of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) are two of the group of luminaries who have written testimonials that can be found on the web site along with book reviews.


The book guides readers though the basics of writing in several genres that Seniors state they prefer—the novel, memoir, how-to and commercial freelancing. Readers are then led carefully through the complexities of today’s publishing world to help them select the most effective method of moving their words into print. Following that is a section devoted to promoting what they have written.


A sample chapter and complete table of contents for The Writer Within You can be found on the Press Room pages of the web site. It also contains both inspirational and instructive articles to help Seniors launch their writing endeavor whether they choose to write just a single book, articles or begin a new career as a published author.


The Writer Within You can be purchased at a substantial discount on the web site or by phoning 800-BOOKLOG. It is also currently available at, Barnes and and




A retiree himself, author Charles Jacobs called upon his expertise as a reporter, editor, publisher, author, novelist and writing instructor to craft The Writer Within You. His bio and photo can be found in the Press Room section of A book cover, TOC, sample chapter and additional facts on the changing world of Older Americans are also available there.



Charles can be reached for comment or interview at (201) 391-4539 or at [email protected]. His research for the book has made him a fascinating interviewee and an engaging speaker for libraries and organizations. He has extensive knowledge of the transition of Baby Boomers to Senior status and the dramatic changes in the way retirement is now perceived. He also speaks with expertise on the exciting new innovations in publishing and printing and, of course, the writing life. Your readers will find an interview with Charles both interesting and highly informative.



Free review copies of the book can be requested at [email protected].



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