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Surveys have shown the high number of Retirees, Seniors and

Baby Boomers who dream of writing a memoir, novel, how-to book,

magazine articles and more. They never start because they don’t know how.

Hearing that again and again from people just like you, I designed a

web site, a blog and wrote the book The Writer Within You

to help you make that cherished dream come true.


You Too Can Become a Published Author


Use the articles on this web site to help you


Plus a blog with new features every week including:

  • Charlie’s Choices offering tips and resources
  • News of interest from the publishing world
  • You post questions, experts answers within 24 hours


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·         We will send you a Custom Designed Mini Ebook absolutely free with no further obligation as a “Welcome” gift for visiting us.

·         You’ll find tons of information on writing, publishing and promoting your articles or your books. There’ll be lots of tips and articles to read on our web site.

·         PLUS, you’ll periodically receive additional free email reports and articles chock full of information to keep you abreast of what’s happening in the writing and publishing worlds.

·         With only a click of your computer, you can send us any question or concern about writing, publishing or promoting your book. You’ll receive an answer from the experts within a day or so, and there is no cost!

·         Send your questions to [email protected] or log onto our blog and post them there.

·         As a member of RETIRE-WRITE, you’ll not only receive your eBook gift free. You’ll be able to buy additional eBooks in the series as they are published  at a substantial discount. (Instead of $25, you’ll pay only $12 per book.)

·         You’ll receive a hefty discount when you buy my latest print book The Writer Within You, A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing in Your Retirement Years.

·         As a RETIRE-WRITE bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to have your copy of TheWriter Within You personally signed.


Are you wondering why I’m willing to extend

so valuable an offer to you?

After years of guiding young reporters and freelance writers in the finer points of creating exciting copy, I’ve discovered my gray-haired contemporaries need help just as badly. I hear it every time I’m invited to speak publicly on writing.

Of course, it’s my hope all these freebies will tempt you to purchase other e-Books, possibly hire me for some coaching help and of course buy a copy of  The Writer Within You.


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Pre-publication reviewers have already described it as one of the most comprehensive books ever offered on writing,  publishing and promoting.


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