Your book is written and headed for press.

The challenge now is to



Just writing a book is no guarantee of success,
regardless of how well you’ve done it.
You have to make potential readers aware of its existence


I’m sure you determined your target readers

well before you sat down to write.

Now you need a solid marketing plan to reach them

and that takes understanding

the strategies of effective book promotion


Today’s profit-hungry major publishers no longer

underwrite road trips, costly advertising

and the many other promotional tools

that were routine in the past.

It’s up to you to do it!


You’ve got to use both online (Internet) promotion and

offline publicity (newspapers, magazines, broadcast).

This kind of multi-faceted marketing is essential

whether you Self-publish or go the POD or Traditional route


As the author, it’s now your job to develop

and carry out a program of strong,

continuous marketing strategies and promotion

It’s our job to show you how to do it.

The benefit is double-pronged for the novice writer.

In addition to promoting sales for your book, strong publicity will develop your reputation as an author (branding) and as an expert in the field you write about. This is crucial whether your choice is writing books, articles or becoming a commercial freelancer.

You can tackle the job yourself. It’s not that difficult.

But there are several other options.

 If your wallet is flush,

you can hire a professional book promoter.

They’re expensive, but they’re effective

if you choose the right one.


You can turn to a small PR firm or even a solo publicist.

They’re a lot less costly, but it will be

up to you to work hand-in-hand to develop

the program you need.

Too few are familiar with

the secrets of powerful book promotion


Others may not be expert in online marketing,

web site traffic promotion or search engine optimization,

all key to building sales online

To reach the sales figures you seek,

You must know how to make the Web sell for you.



You can tackle the job yourself. It’s not that difficult.


and study the detailed chapters on promotion in

“The Writer Within You”

the new book that’s the buzz of the industry


Guaranteed, you’ll reach your readers. And once you do,


Writing in your retirement will
become your most rewarding and enjoyable activity.




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