Are you baffled and befuddled by

the complexities of the publishing world?


It is a confusing maze 

and a bit overwhelming to

wannabes and new authors


Let us guide you through it,

help you select the best method

of publishing your book.


You’ll learn how to take advantage of the

recent advances in printing technology

and how to find the most cost-effective approach

for your specific book


Begin by reading the articles

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We help you understand the plusses

and the negatives of each method




Most of the public assumes all books

are produced by the Traditional Publishing method

employing a three-way partnership between

author, literary agent and publisher.



The approach of major publishing companies has changed

 dramatically over the past two decades.

Ours was once an industry of proud intellectuals

who loved books, and happily sacrificed profit for quality

when they found works they considered important.

That’s no longer so, and that has made it more difficult

to publish your books traditionally  

particularly for startups like those of you

who are writing in retirement…

but still very possible. 


Today, the majors have either merged

or been swallowed up by massive conglomerates.

The bottom line has replaced pride-in-product as the arbiter

in deciding whether or not to publish a book.

With rare exceptions, unless the author is extremely well

known or the subject very current or controversial,

many deserving books are regularly passed up by the majors


So it is vital that authors understand the alternatives



Many smaller, independent publishers from coast to coast

are willing to take a risk when they feel a book

is valuable even though it may not be a surefire seller.


These dedicated indies are especially effective if your book

is targeted to a niche audience. Many of them have built their reputations by being very specialized.


It is helpful to have a literary agent to represent you

in finding and negotiating a contract

with an indie, but not mandatory.

Unlike the majors, many will accept submissions

directly from an author


We’ll help you find these publishers, and show you

the best way to approach them.



Once looked upon as the pariahs of the Publishing industry,

POD houses have burgeoned in the last decade

as worthy tools to move a book to print

especially for beginners who have little familiarity

with the many details involved in publishing a book.


Using the new digital technology, these publishers

are able to provide very short press runs

particularly valuable to authors who want to distribute

their memoir just to family and friends. Retirees

often take advantage of this opportunity.


For an initial production fee, the POD house

will secure all necessary certifications including

ISBN, copyright, Library of Congress cataloguing, etc

and will format the text, design a cover, print

and place the book with a wholesaler


You must be very careful in choosing a POD house.

Their offerings differ. Some seem like writer’s nirvana,

but a closer study will make you think twice.

We’ll show you what to look for.





Growing in popularity by leaps and bounds,

self-publishing has graduated from the stigma of

vanity publishing to a highly respectable

method of bringing a book to life.


Authors choosing this approach

must be willing to tackle the myriad chores required

to prepare a book for printing.

They must also hire and supervise a printer

and arrange for adequate distribution.


Several excellent books on self-publishing have been

written. They can be found in the appendix

of my latest book The Writer Within You, which

also covers all the basics to assist as you do-it-yourself.



As you can see, each methodology has its own special values

as well as its shortcomings as you search

for the most effective way to publish what you write.


Make sure you read the informative articles

in the blue column on the right of every page of this web site.


Find out lots more by reading the weekly column


A careful reading of The Writer Within You will help you

choose the best method of publishing your book.

Article writers will learn how to find the most likely

magazines and newspapers in which to publish their work.



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