Suggested Interview Questions for Charles Jacobs


1. What made you write a book geared specifically to seniors and retirees?


2. There have been numerous reports on the shifting attitudes toward retirement,

particularly on the part of the Baby Boomer generation. Let's talk about the changing

nature of this demographic and how your book fits in.


3. Was there a way to test the level of interest in writing among members of this age



4. Are there specific categories of writing that retirees prefer?


5. You've devoted a good deal of time and effort to developing a web site and a blog

on writing in retirement. Are enough retirees and other seniors computer literate and

able to take advantage of these resources?


6. As a retired senior, when did you become competent on the computer? Do you use

it just for writing and research or for other activities?


7. Must a writer be able to use a computer to be successful today?


8. What qualified you to write The Writer Within You?


9. How long did it take you to complete the research and the writing of the book?


10. The opening chapter of The Writer Within You poses the question, “Can I become a

writer?” Your response was “Of course you can.” How does a wannabe author make it



11. One often hears the argument that writing can't be taught. It is something innate

within a person. Do you agree?


12. In our society, people both revere and mistrust writers. They are often considered

a “different breed.” They have a reputation for free-wheeling, living high and in many

cases rather loosely. How do you respond to that? Does it characterize you life style?


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