The Writer Within You a new book by Charles Jacobs has been chosen as a Writer’s Digest Book Club selection.


The book was released on October 1. Subtitled A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing in Your Retirement Years, it leads readers through the basics of writing in several genres popular with senior citizens, helps them select the appropriate method of publishing and introduces them to the fundamentals of promoting their book.


The book has already received accolades from publishing luminaries like Dan Poynter and Patricia Fry. Reviews to date have been highly favorable and have earned the book a five star rating on Amazon.


Published by Caros Books and distributed by the Atlas Books division of Bookmasters, The Writer Within You is available at bookstores, on Jacobs’ web site www.retirement-writing.com or by telephoning 800-BOOK LOG.


A freelance writer since his retirement, Jacobs is the former Publisher of the Alameda Newspaper Group in the San Francisco Bay area and the Garden State Newspaper Group in New Jersey.


He has served as editor of FOCUS magazine and Travel World International, and has published more than 750 articles throughout the United States and Canada. His writing has won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, New Jersey Press Club, Working Press Association and North American Travel Journalists Association.




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